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13 Jul, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Stunner Sickness & How Dyonne Tanaka Is Acting Pane Something Wrong

Stunner has been reported to be sick over the last few weeks but his wife Dyonne seems not to be concerned or care about the whole situation. Ever since the rumors of Stunner getting caught with his wife sister something has been wrong. A few days after Dyonne accused Stunner of cheating  Stunner all of a sudden became sick. 

Social Media streets have been talking that Dyonne moved out of their house and is staying with  friend. Some are saying Dyonne want to report Stunner to the police so he is pretending to be sick to stay away from getting arrested. On the same day Mandla started fundraising money to help Stunner Dyonne was on instagram posting a video saying " Handidzokere Kumashure"

Zimbabwe's top Facebook celebrity DJ Mandla aka Baba Bonzo is stepping up to help musician Stunner who has been sick over the last few weeks. Mudiwa Hood first announced that Stunner was not feeling well and had been in Hospital for the last few weeks.details of what's wrong with a Stunner has not been made public but Stunner is one of Zimbabwe's biggest celebrities and many Zimbabweans are concerned with his well being and are pouring thier support to help Stunner who is popularly know as Dziva by many of his fans. 



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