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Celeb News

14 May, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Stunner Thanks The Gafa Passion Java For $500 Bonus For Gara Mumba Perfomance

Stunner Da Des posted on his social media page a thank you message to Passion Java for the extra $500 he received for his perfomance in the Gara Mumba Iwe show. Stunners performamce was electric and fans loved it Especially when he performed Dafu Korera and was joined by Madam Boss on stage.

Stunner posted the following message.

@prophetpassion top up ye $500 yasvika. I was just doing my job and I'm glad you loved it.

To everyone that continues to support me , you have my endless thank you always. KUNA STUNNER NDOKWATINOENDA #vVvtt #cigarmusic New videos on stunnervevo YouTube ..... Sugar daddy and Jah bless ft @kabhidha @ Harare, Zimbabwe


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