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Celeb News

16 Aug, 2018 | Posted By: staff reporter
Tariro Shumba (LaLa) Schools MaNkomo Nkomo About Respect

Tariro Shumba aka LaLa is an Icon in the Zimbabwean Social Media Community. LaLa has a huge following on Facebook mainly because of his positive, fun loving nature.

LaLa is real as it gets many Zimbabweans have seen his happy, fun loving side and we have seen his emotional side when he needed our love and support. Tariro Shumba is a friend to many, he is someone who cares about people and loves to see everyone happy.


Lala and many Zimbabwean were shocked when a beautiful Angel by the name of MaNkomo Nkomo started attacking LaLa. She made statements that blindsided LaLa he was clueless of why this woman was attacking him. In LaLas typical, way he made a Live on Facebook where he calmly schools MaNkomo Nkomo about kindness and Respect.

You can check out MaNkoma Nkomo's facebook page

You can also follow Tariro Shumba on his facebook page


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