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Tatelicious Advice To Casper Bonga & Guhwa About Jah Prayzah

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12 Sep, 2020   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Tatelicious Advice To Casper Bonga & Guhwa About Jah Prayzah

Tatelicious was in form and talking different topics on her Facebook live this week, Tatelicious gave advice to Prophet Casper Bonga to work hard and find a better way to go to UK instead of doing like what Zizoe did with Mai TT. Casper announced that he was in love with controversial Muchembere Soko who is known for MaNjuzu and has been accused to liking both men and women. Casper has also been accused of having entanglements with men. The queen also talk about makuhwa involving legendary musucian Jah Prayzah, watch the video below.

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Jah Prayzah stoned at graveyard
MULTI-AWARD winning musician Mukudzei Mukombe, aka Jah Prayzah, ran for dear life at Glen Forest Cemetery yesterday after some mourners at the burial of his former head of security, Chrispen Nyemba, pelted him with missiles under unclear circumstances.

In a 13-second amateur video, which has since gone viral on different social media platforms, the lanky musician is seen dodging missiles movie-style, with some irate mourners charging at him, while others shouted obscenities.
Nyemba, who had parted ways with Jah Prayzah about four months ago, according to the musician’s manager Keen Mushapaidze, died early Sunday morning in a road traffic accident in the capital.

Although NewsDay could not independently verify the claims, some sources privy to the developments alleged that the Mdara Vachauya hitmaker had not offered any assistance towards Nyemba’s burial, leaving relatives and friends seething with anger. “Jah Prayzah dumped Chrispen. He failed to contribute even a dollar towards the burial of his former security, that is cruel. When he was phoned, he claimed to be in a meeting and only to come at the burial with his aides, who pushed and shoved people, which angered some mourners who started pelting him,” the source said. Others, however, said Jah Prayzah had paid his condolences at the deceased’s home.

Mushapaidze said they were shocked with what happened, claiming there was no bad blood between Jah Prayzah and the deceased since they parted ways.

“We worked very well with Chrispen, that is why we went to the burial to pay our last respects, but it was unfortunate that it went otherwise. Although we had parted ways about four months ago, if not more, we had to attend the funeral because we worked well together,” he said.

“If we had exchanged harsh words with Chrispen, we could not have attended the funeral. At the funeral, we did not even get the chance to hear their story as people continued throwing stones.”

Mushapaidze poured cold water on claims that they had not fully paid the deceased his dues when they parted ways.

“We parted ways in a good way and we solved everything, as we paid Chrispen all his dues. We don’t make such a mistake that we split and fail to pay someone his dues,” he said.


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