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08 Mar, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Tatelicious Akatumira Go Back To Sender Madam Boss V11

This is a story that people have been talking about for over a week in private whatsapp groups because the people involved are power and top Zimbabwean celebrities. So about a week ago Queen Tatelicious posted a video in which she accused Madam Boss of visiting her at night while she was asleep to harm her. Tatelicious promised Madam Boss Go back to sender to get Madam Boss or her daughter if it missed Madam Boss. Madam Boss posted get well messages from many people including Edith Chibhamu and Thanked The Nigerian Prophet who ended up healing her.

On the next day after Tatelicious posted that Video Madam Boss got sick she had a cramp in her leg which was so painful she cried so hard she was taken to Hospital and admitted for some hours. After her release from Hospital Madam Boss went to see a Nigerian Prophet who stays in Harare to pray and help her. Madam Boss even posted detail of this Nigerian Prophet on her Instagram.  Madam Boss posted on her page a message thanking all the people who had called praying and talking to her while she was sick.

Here Is the video Tatelicious promises to send the go back to senders



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