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05 Apr, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Tatelicious Consoles Mhofela For Madam Boss Actions Asking Money From Other Men Huya Ugare Neni

Queen Tatelicious is reaching out to Mhofela and telling to be strong after his wife Madam Boss asked $10.500 from Prophet Passion Java. Many felt that this was an act of ambarrassment  to Mhofela. A married woman cannot ask Mari from another many kushora Mhofela were sentiments from Zimbabweans who follow Madam Boss. 

Queen Tatelicious posted a message of support to Mhofela.


God will remember you one day.

He will restore the behavior of your wife.

Never give up on her,remember your wedding vows ,through thick and sickness.

I just think,your wife needs personal grooming so that she knows the boundaries of work and image of a married woman.

Hang in there Mhofu.

Kana zvaramba,you are most welcome kuno munogarika nemi imi,hamunetsi😊


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