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Tatelicious Thoughts About MvengeMvenge's  Melly Mamoyo

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25 Sep, 2018   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 1 minutes

Tatelicious Thoughts About MvengeMvenge's Melly Mamoyo

Tatelicious did a live where she discussed why she left groups like MvengeMvenge and other groups full of back stabing and drama. Tatelicious has 2 groups she respects and those groups are Mandla's Lounge Reloaded and Thomas Chizhanje and Friends. 

Majority of Zimbabweans love Tatelicious and listen to what she says, besides she is Zimbabwe's QUEEN Of Entertainment. So when she expressed how she felt about Melly Mamoyo the founder and admin of MvengeMvenge it was big news since MvengeMvenge is one of the top Zimbabwean Facebook groups. 

Zimbolivenews does not make up stories we just report the news on social media. Watch the video below and hear what the Queen Tatelicious has to say about Melly Mamoyo the most powerfull woman on Social Media.


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