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01 Mar, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Tatelicious Welcome Letter To Olinda Letter To Mbuya Putugadzike

TO #Mbuya_Putugadzike (O.C)

My dearest fellow HIV Holder,I write this letter in peace and harmony.I’m known if being a truth teller no matter how nasty or ferocious it is.The way you are being tossed around by Jenny &Jedza makes me bleed.

Own your own story and you don’t need them to speak on your behalf or to aid you to your battalion.

You are a powerful brand in itself and just do you and let them do theirselves.

Issues like HIV&AIDS are so sensitive and if you let people profit on you every time especially these two fame mongers (Jenny&Jedza)you will end up not owning your own story.

Recalculate your mistakes and give yourself time to breath because you are not the only Socialite to be known having HIV,I just bleed on how it was put out to the world.

Being the first ZIMBABWEAN SOCIALITE Celebrity to disclose my HIV to the Zim community & the world at large,it gave me a lot of ZEAL & VALOR to keep on inspiring other people who are affected or infected or both by HIV &AIDS.So after all its not the end of the world .

Rise up woman and OWN YOUR STORY.Stop making UNNECESSARY NOISE in the Social media streets BUTrather be an FINESSE MOTHER TO NANDI.

#Ramba_Kuitiswa_Mkadzi_Mukuru😡😡😡😡😡😡At least after your Scandal with your baby brother Tytan #Wandikoshera_Mbichana not too much.

Kind Regards





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