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Team Tytan Files Petition Against Olinda Chapel

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12 Aug, 2019   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 4 minutes

Team Tytan Files Petition Against Olinda Chapel

Here are Details Of The Petition


Olinda Chapel's scandals have been all over the internet and the majority of them surround her using money to buy men's love/affection/attention. Her scandals began two years ago in 2017 with the revelation that she'd been using her money to buy a rapper named stunner's love. She went on facebook to gloat about how much money she'd spent on Stunner and their relationship and whilst live on her videos she documented herself abusing Stunner mentally/emotionally reducing his worth as a man by bringing about information to the public about how she supports him and he could not do anything for himself. She further attempted to publically humiliate the man by recording herself taking away all of the man's possessions which she claimed to have purchased for him.

Fast forward one month later, we found out fast-Olinda was back at it again with human purchasing when she revealed in a live video that she'd acquired a new victim, Tytan. In an attempt to make her ex-victim Stunner angry, she came on a live video to brag about how she was planning on buying her new victim, Tytan, a Range Rover. A statement which was obvious to some of us viewers that her plan was to entice Tytan into a relationship with promises of money and possessions as she had with Stunner.

The promises came to fruition as we watched Olinda over the next year further attempt to entice Tytan by bringing him to exotic locations such as Dubai, taking him house hunting with promises of living in mansions in Sandkey South Africa, making public promises to him about how she would open up business locations for him, etc.

The two had never spent any considerable time together being that they lived two nations apart yet we witnessed the two getting married and getting pregnant less than a year into their relationship, which was another indicator to the rest of us that is was a phony money-based union. 

Our predictions of the marriage being a fake money marriage were proven correct when shortly after moving in together we began to witness Olinda's psychological and financial abuse which she'd exhibited with her ex victim stunner begin to come out on Tytan as well. We watched her berate him and talk to him like a child, whilst treating him like a housemaid and babysitter for her two grown children. There have been witnesses that claim they've also seen Olinda throw hot tea on Tytan during an argument. Close friends of the two say they've witnessed Olinda treating Tytan like a slave.

Tytan was tricked into coming to the UK with the promise of an incredible life. We saw Olinda promising to buy him a Range Rover, a mansion in South Africa, and to bring his business to unimaginable heights. What actually happened was after showing up to UK Tytan was jobless, carless, and reduced to live in a crowded 3 bedroom apartment with Olinda and her children from previous marriages. Money is not everything so that is not the sad part, the saddest part is that instead of attaining everything he was promised, he was actually taken advantage of. Olinda took advantage of the fact that Tytan is jobless and carless in a foreign land and used that as a tool to treat him like a slave.

When Tytan saw what the situation was becoming he tried to leave but was not only nearly stabbed for doing so, but was also publically humiliated through the social media he uses for his business, worst of all Olinda is now claiming she is pregnant to try to further entrap him. A tool which a lot of desperate women use for the same purpose of entrapment. In a live video made just after their first baby was born we saw Olinda trying to force Tytan into a second pregnancy and Tytan publically refused to do so. We're not sure how she managed to get pregnant again with an unwilling husband but human traffickers always find a way to entrap their victims.

Human trafficking is not just limited to kidnapping victims. Human trafficking is also when you bring someone to a foreign land by enticing them with love, money, or work, etc, then take advantage of their inability to provide themselves by treating them  poorly once they are there. So being that Tytan was enticed to be with Olinda by promise of riches and visa etc. but then abused and almost stabbed to death while living with her, we think he certainly qualifies as a human trafficking victim. Olinda has a history of enticing men with money then mistreating them when they have fallen victim to her promises. We have watched her live videos enough to have caught on to her pattern of using her money to entrap men in dire situations into relationships with her.

Tytan was not Olinda's first money marriage, she has two other victims whom she bought for the same purpose. A person with a pattern of behavior such as this needs to be investigated.

#NoToBuyingMen #NoToSlavery #NoToTakingAdvantageOfPeopleInNeed #NoToHumanTrafficking


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