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08 May, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Teemak & Mrstyllz Shut Up Haters With Money Photo Tiri Mbinga

Teemak & Mrstyllz have sent a clear message to haters that don’t size them they are real Mbingaz. Teemak & Styllz posted a photograph on Instagram were they were holding Mabhanduru of cash. 


From the image Mrstyllz & Teemak has over $100K USD on the table. Teemak & Styllz has been getting clapback from fans after Teemak was arrested for a Car deal that went sour, but the case has been closed and resolved. 

Mrstyllz was also under public clapback for fail to pay a IG model named Peaches after she won a twerking contest. 

The money photo was a warning sign that Teemak & Styllz are the real deal 


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