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Teemak’s Sister Speaks Out About His Arrest & Fraud Allegations

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09 May, 2020   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 1 minutes

Teemak’s Sister Speaks Out About His Arrest & Fraud Allegations

Embattled entertainment hotshot, Taona Oswald Chipunza aka Teemak’s sister, Namatai Marygrace Chipunza has come to her brothers defense in the aftermath of his arrest and  supposed fall from grace.

Teemak is currently under fire with the law for allegedly committing fraud.

Social media is now ablaze with his photo in police custody, looking dejected and far removed from the sophisticated look he’s well known for. The news of his arrest didn’t go down well with fans as he had gathered quite a following, after securing dancehall maestro, Enzo Ishall’s signature.

Teemak was touted as the guy to watch as he proved to be quite a remarkable entrepreneur at such a young age, however his latest shenanigans have landed him in a tight corner.

To say the least, his sister was not amused by the general public’s reaction to her brother’s misfortunes.

With friends and foes alike, dancing on his proverbial grave, he has become public enemy number one.

From memes to courts of public opinion, Teemak has been judged and found wanting.

His sister is however not amused by the whole debacle and has implored people to consider that an actual human being with feelings is in the eye of the storm.

A distressed  Namatai said she hasn’t been sleeping eating well since the whole fiasco started and called out the public for cyber bullying and insensitivity.


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