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04 May, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Teemak & Styllz Accused Of Opening A Ghost Account With Chatunga Mugabe’s Name

Drama as Teemak and Styllz Open a parody account with Chatunga Mugabe’s name. Instagram socialites and Zimdancehall artist Enzo Ishall’s managers, Taona “Teemak” Chipunza and Prince “Mr.Styllz” Mudzingwa allegedly opened an instagram parody account with Chatunga Bellamine Mugabe’s name. It is understood that the two were trying to quench a fire they had started with controversial instagram character, El_Gringo. The later who lives in Sandton, Africa’s most expensive suburb, claims that Styllz and Teemak are fake and they are sconning people.

The two, with the support of DJ Towers, whom they bought a Toyota mark X recently, teamed up to fight El_Gringo, who later took the fight to girls they are dating. Another controversial account, Tino_Makete who claims the she exposes all scam and claims to be the voice of the voiceless, started to expose all information she was anonymously receiving in her DM.

As it is alleged, the war heated up, and it was too much for Styllz and Dj Towers to handle, so they opened a parody account with Chatunga Mugabe’s name, in a bid to bribe Tino_Makete into silence, who later exposed the bribery attempt. It is reported, from Chatunga Mugabe’s IG story that the two were dumb enough enough to open the parody with their phone number, hence they were easily caught.

We could be witness another war between Styllz and Chatunga Mugabe after he posted “Just Watch”on his last IG story.



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