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07 Jan, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
The Interview Passion Java Vakapusisa & Kupusiswa Na Madam Boss

2019 was the year of Twabam, Passion Java is a Zimbabwean Prophet based in the USA and is the most popular and talked about Prophet in Zimbabwe. Passion Java is young handsome and a very charismatic prophet and loved by many who believe this man of God has a great message and does things in a way thats different that other prophets who preach doom and has no stle or appeal to the youth. 

Passion Java bought Madam Boss a car after she showed up at one of his church services. Madam Boss and her husband Mhofela tried to keep this a secret and initially denied the claims of the car. But is shona there is a saying that says "rine manyanga hariputirwe" which basically means you can not wrap horns with a paper. You can watch video on this link

After Madam Boss was bought a car she did an interview with Passion Java and during with interview you can see how Madam Boss vakapusa and ever since then has received blessings from this great man of God. In this interview Madam Boss shows respect and affection for Passion Java which in turn Madam Boss Vakapusisa Passion Java and he believes she is a big person and has blessed her.

Passion Java has preached and talked about Kupusa or Kupusisa. He has preached that at times Pusa and you can be rich or find success, meaning humble yourself respect those you are bigger that you and they can bless you or make you reach their level. Passion Java also talks about Kupusisa meaning if you convince someone bigger that you to believe in you they can be rich or find success.



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