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11 Nov, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
The Mystery Behind Ginimbi & Moana's Death

As most Zimbabweans are still trying to come to terms with the death of flamboyant businessman and socialite Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure, video vixen Moana and two other friends, social media is flooded with a lot of conspiracy theories from Juju to bullet holes.

Ginimbi’s Rolls-Royce Wraith collided head-on with a Honda Fit while driving back to his Domboshava home on Sunday morning in the company of Limumba Karim, Elisha and Michelle “Mimi Moana” Amuli — who all died after being burnt beyond recognition. 

Ginimbi and Moana knew about their death?

Everyone is puzzled if Ginimbi and Moana had knowledge on when they will die. In a video that has since made rounds on social media, Moana is seen crying speaking in riddles. In the video she said,

“I see myself crying, screaming for help everyone else is standing there watching, wondering what could be wrong.” True to the prophetic vision that’s how painful her death was.

Her death was as she had seen in her dream, eyewitnesses say, they only managed to rescue Ginimbi from the burning car. Moana was part of the three people who were trapped in the car. She screamed for help but could not be saved.

A audio making rounds of a man claiming to be Ginimbi’s cousin, Timothy Kadungure said Ginimbi knew he was about to die two weeks ago.

He says, “As his relatives we are pained but not shocked by the death of Ginimbi, we know a lot of things about him which is why we are not really shocked.”

He continued to say Ginimbi hinted them of their death two weeks ago, “He knew he was going to die two weeks ago, he even told us where he wants to be buried, he told us what to do with his riches.”

Ginimbi and Moana had sour relations with their fathers?

One more thing that kept puzzling people is Ginimbi’s father showing a careless attitude at the news of his son’s death.


In an interview that has since gone viral on social media Ginimbi’s father appears to be speaking on his son’s death without any sign of sorrow. Some say he was narrating his son’s death as if he was narrating that of a neighbor or someone distant.

Speaking to local media, Moana’s father Mr Ishmael Amuli confirmed he and his daughter were not on speaking terms. He revealed he was shocked that his daughter was such a party animal, and had become a video vixen which is not approved in their Islamic religion.

Mr Amuli revealed that he last spoke to his daughter in 2017 after he reprimanded her from partying and that she should fix her relationship with her daughter’s father. The conversation turned violent as Moana was slapped two times by her father and that was the last time the two spoke.

Cake of bed luck?

Some could call it a fancy cake whilst some have chosen to link it to their death. Moana’s birthday cake was shaped in a way that represents her ‘hot’ body.

The cake of a female body in a black lingerie set tongues wagging as many people said, ‘rinoyera.’ People who commented on the cake said, “Something was wrong with this cake, it was a bad luck omen,” commented Larry on Facebook.

‘Unknown’ children

Ginimbi and Moana have left children behind. While it is not known how many children Ginimbi had, Moana has a 7-year-old daughter. Speaking in an interview Ginimbi’s father said he only knew of one child whose name he did not know.

Bullet holes on Ginimbi’s car

Some people have come up with conspiracies that Ginimbi was being targeted in an assassination attempt. This is because of what people have pointed out to be bullet holes on his car.

There is no evidence suggesting that there were bullets being fired on Ginimbi and his friends. This theory is farfetched.

Zimbabweans have put these facts together and come up with different conspiracies concluding that Moana and Ginimbi were probably up to something best known to themselves and they probably knew when their death would come.

It is important for individuals to verify these facts as social media has become a playground for fake news, in this case


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