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07 Feb, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Thomas Mapfumo Achiwundura Mnangagwa & Ma Zimbabwean Tanyanyo Pusa

Zimbabwe music legend Thomas Mapfumo recently had an interview with Lance Guma of Nehanda Radio. They talked about politics and his lost album. Mapfumo said he was still to re-record the album.

Mapfumo bemoaned the deteriorating economy which he blamed on bad leadership by the ruling party Zanu PF. Mapfumo spoke about how he saw university graduates vending in the streets because of high unemployment. He even recounted the time when he confronted a young man who was selling pirate cds of his music.

The Mamvemve star blamed Zimbabweans for being afraid to fight government. He said Zimbabweans protest during the day and go back home to sleep. He also said if few people are beaten or shot Zimbabweans are quick to cower and disperse. Mapfumo  doesn't understand why Zimbabweans don't speak up against corruption like the alleged disappearance of USD15 billion of diamond proceeds. Mapfumo criticized Zimbabweans for hoping without taking action to liberate themselves.

Mapfumo believes Mnangagwa is not fit to be Zimbabwe's president because he worked for a very long time under Mugabe leadership which is blamed for collapsing Zimbabwe's economy and gross human rights violation. Mapfumo also did not have kind words for Mnangagwa's “2030 ndeendichipo” (2030 I will still be there) telling him “Uchiitei ipapo?” (doing what?). Mapfumo urged Mnangagwa to step down and stop lying to people as he has got nothing to offer Zimbabwe.

Mukanya as he is commonly referred by his fans also blamed Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) for participating in 2018 elections with meaningful reforms. Mapfumo said there was no chance of free and fair elections with Zanu PF having captured key institutions responsible for elections.

Mapfumo also spoke about Chamisa saying the MDC leader is doing the best he can but Zimbabweans should take it upon themselves to liberate the country


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