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18 Mar, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Ti Gonzi Disappointed Ishan Never Gave Me My Share Of Kure For Winning StarFM

After their sucessful hit song Kure which has bagged a number of gongs from previous local award shows, Ti Gonzi has opened up on how Ishan snubbed him.

After their collaborative effort Ti Gonzi might have felt as Ishan has been going up and about lying to people making them think most effort on Kure was his.

In an interview with Tocky Vibes on a Bachelors’s Republic show Ti Gonzi said he wouldn’t want to say much, but rather say little for relation keeping sake.

“I took part in bringing Ishan up, I wouldn’t like to say much at times thats why I remained silent.

“Kugadzirwa kwethe song Kure its like Ishan came to me and we worked on the collabo and back then I was the big guy on the picture.

“Ishan has not been open and honest enough to people on how I wrote him some lines on the song and added verses, I remember him admitting once that I had helped him,” said Ti Gonzi.

The main issue came up when Tocky Vibes asked if Ti Gonzi got his own share of the price money off their song Kure which won at StarFm awards.

Ti Gonzi had to open up that he wanted to see how Ishan thinks and reacts when he left him to collect the money.

“After winning, Ishan  was the one who went to collect the money, I wanted to test him and it seems like what I thought was what happened.

“Ishan gave me nothing out of the US$300 price money which those who won walked away with,” he said.

Ti Gonzi will further open up on the video which is expected to be on the Bachelors Republic Youtube channel and Zimcelebs YouTube channel.


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