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12 May, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Top Female Influencers Zimbabwe Facebook Community

If you have a story and it reaches social media and if any one of the amazing Influencers  talk about it your story will go viral . The Zimbabwean social media community has million a of people and these ladies have proven to be strong opinionated & born leaders.

These amazing ladies have created Brands for themselves because of their hard work. If you ask anyone who is on Facebook from Zimbabwe they can identify each one of these women. They are not famous because they are on tv or radio like Madam Boss or Mai TT. People on social media know them because they have made names for themselves 


Tilder Moyo

Tilder is a radio personality on Star FM but Tilder is known by many for her Facebook shows which she does weekly. Her topics cover Zvechivanhu &  Discussions With prisoners, and her Make It of  Break it show.


Sisi Melly 

Melly has founded multiple Facebook groups and runs MvengeMvenge the most famous Facebook Group ,which has influenced so many groups that deal with Gossip and social events. Melly aslo runs Sisi Melly Diaries which has become very popular and deals with helping other Zimbabweans.


Sabena Ruwizhi 

Popularly known as Boein777 by her passengers,  Sabena  is also known as Lawyer of the people and is an  Ex prophetess. Sabena is a championship of the voiceless and  has become a sheriff who will put other celebrities or influencers in check if they get out of hand or start losing their way. Sabena is like a big sister to many on social media.


Evidence Team Chihera 

Evidence has a style of her own and has proven she is a leader and not a follower. Evidence has a moto that she goes by which says If you talk about others we will talk about you . Evidence will talk about big or small celebrities and does not favor anyone. Evidence only uses facts to get her point and does not scold people . she is one of the few influencers that will talk about celebrities & felebrities most people are scared to talk about . She has become so popular due to her honesty.


Zuva Habane  Urban Tete 

Zuva Habane is a living testament that hard work and consistency pays off. Zuva Habane has become a top influencer because of her hard word  she is now recognized as a leader in topics about relationships and sexual matters buy advicing women . Zuva has stayed on message over the last few years and this has made her the leader in her field . Zuva will talk about Hot topics as well .


Rutendo Loveness Samas 

Rutendo has became a top influencer because of her honest opinions and direct Approach. Like her moto says Keeping It  Real. Rutendo is a social commentator her topics range from Celebrity Gossip to Political issues in Zimbabwe . Rutendo simply likes to keep it real which has made her someone People look up to when  she gives opinions of matters 


Mudiwa Lyon Cookie 

Cookie is simply a force of nature known by thousands of people who follow her as Mai Dziva  . Cookie has Njuzu spirits which make her a very spiritual person. Cookie is someone who is simple and very direct and does is not afraid to state her fact. Cookie has very Similar ideology ad Evidence & Sabena they are direct and will talk about anyone if something  needs to be said. With Cookie there is nothing like political correctness. Cookie is famous for helping couples and women with her herbs she get from her Njuzu. When Cookie talks people listen. 


Tatelicious Karigambe Sandberg -Queen Tatelicious 

Tatelicious is the Queen of Entertainment and no one can take that crown from her. Tatelicious is the most controversial  female influencers from the list.  Tatelicious is a natural born entertainer . From music to dancing no one does it better.  Tatelicious is not afraid of confrontation which is why she is so controversial as she has battled many of the other influencers on this list . Tatelicious is a free spirit and always finds a way to stay in the limelight. Even though Queen Tatelicious is controversial there is kindness and love for her fellow Zimbabweans .


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