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Top Zim Celebrities Vakapusiswa & Vakaramba Kupusiswa

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04 Feb, 2020   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Top Zim Celebrities Vakapusiswa & Vakaramba Kupusiswa

Passion Java Kupusisa Madam Boss

Passion Java managed to Pusisa Madam Boss at the same time Madam Boss vakabvuma kupusa and she was able to get a car from Passion Java. Madam Boss Endorses Passion Java and sings his praises every chance she gets. Kupusa has paid off for Madam Boss.


Tytan & Olinda Chapel

Tytan Akaramba kupusiswa zvachose na Olinda Chapel and ended up walking out on her and thier baby. Tytan agreed kupusa until Olinda brought him a ticket to move to the UK. Tytan did what is refered as KUPUSUNGWARA. He gained by leaving Zimbabwe and becoming a UK Citizen


Enzo Ishall & Passion Java

Enzo Ishall used the same technique used by Tytan of KUPUSUNGWARA, where he was able to get financial help from Passion Java. He got financial help for his music videos including the 1.2 Million Rands for highest score. After Enzo found greener pastors he abandoned Passion Java and Chillspot


Madam Boss & Mhofela

Madam Boss using her financial powers as the main bread winner in her household has managed to Pusisa Mhofela to the point another men bought her a car while he just watched. Madam Boss is basically the man of her house and even employes her husband as  her manager. Mhofela has no choice in ths one but Kungobvuma Kupusa.


Jah Prayzah, Baba Harare Andy Muridzo

Baba Harare and Andy Muridzo Vakaramba Kupusiswa na Jah Prayzah. These two musicians were part of Jah Prayzah's Military Touch Movement but noticed that Jah Prayzah was getting all the lime light and decided to leave and start their own Individual careers EQX also refused Kupusiswa by Jah Prayzah and is now an Independent Singer.


Passion Java & Mhofela

When is comes to Kupusisa no one does it better than the Gaffa Passion Java who has managed Kupusisa a husband and wife Madam Boss and her husband Mhofela. After the scandals about Passion Java buying Madam Boss a car and Mhofela denying the claims and trying to lie to people he bought the car. To save face of Mhofela and Madam Boss Passion Java met with the couple and posted photos to make the heat die down. Mhofu vakangopeta muswe and accepted Kupusiswa


Stunner & Olinda Chapel

Stunner also pratcied a little KUPUSUNGWARA on Olinda Chapel by willing to let her spoil him with nice clothes and cars. After he found greener pastures with Dyonne, Stunner cheated on Olinda and went his own way. Even though Olinda Chapel could of spoilt him with nice clothes and money his love for Dyonne more valuable. Stunner akaramba Kupusiswa


Enzo Ishall & Teemak

Enzo Ishall Akabvuma Kupusiswa na Teemak and is living the life. He has now abrand Ambassodor for Jan Jam and has a USA, ASIAN & European Tour lines up for 2020. Kupusiswa by Teemak is paying off really well for Enzo Ishall.




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