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Tough Times For Soul Jah Love Kuda Kuzviuraya Nekuwanza Mbanje & Mutoriro

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09 Feb, 2020   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Tough Times For Soul Jah Love Kuda Kuzviuraya Nekuwanza Mbanje & Mutoriro

Zimdancehall sensation was back at PHD Ministries where he got deliverance a few years ago  when he leg had diabetic ulcers due to suffering from diabetes.

Chibaba nearly got his leg cut off but he was saved at the prophet Magaya led church. Who prayed for him and guided him to good health.

The Ndini Uya Uya singer was back at PHD Ministries today as he is suffering mentally from drug abuse. Chababa has dealt with substance abuse for years. His drug use issues led to him splitting from his wife Wife Bounty Lisa who he beat up and abused while under the influence of Drugs

This time The 30-year old was in a critical state and his friend who escorted him lamented that the chanter nearly killed him self due to excessive use of cheap drugs know as mutoriro. Chibabas drug use has derailed his music career. Chibaba  at one point was the biggest and best zim dancehall singer . Jah Prayzah and Winky we nothing compared to him. But drug use destroyed his career.

Soul Jah loves friend revealed  stated that “The way he has been behaving lately it seemed like he wanted to give up on his life and it’s very scary. This guy needs help “

“Anga achiputsa hupfumi hwake and he has been failing to control his drug intake apa munhu ane sugar.

The friend also stated that Chibaba has been failing to manage his diet and is focused on getting high with anything he can get his hands on . Anoswera asina kudya kana Chinhu achingoda kudhakwa.

Afte Prophet Magaya was told of the story of Soul Jah Love and how he looked hopeless. The man of God Prophet Walter Magaya prayed for him and declared Sol Jah Love was healed and delivered.

It seems like a number of dancehall chanters need guidance this also follows amid Bounty’s visit to PHD Ministries. Bounty Lisa who is Soul Jah Loves Ex wise was at PDH ministries seeking help for a tumor on her leg 

Hopefully his situation changes soon.


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