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01 Jul, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Tyra Admits She Has Bleached For More Than 10 Years

Madam Boss was on a facebook live with Prim from Primket. Madam Boss admitted that people call her the bleaching queen of Zimbabwe. Madam Boss says she was born light but with different colors. She says after she moved to South Africa thats when she started using Bleaching cream Movet

Madam Boss says that she has never used bleaching cream on her face which many people find hard to the interview below.

This is a question that needs to be asked but most people are afraid of retribution from top celebrities if tough questions are asked. Madam Boss is a leading female celebrity in Zimbabwe and hundreds of thousands of young Zimbabwean girls look up to her.

Over the last two years Tyra Munetsiwa has transformed just like Michael Jackson did . Madam Boss has admitted that she bleaches to make her skin lighter. Bleaching is not a crime and people have the right to bleach if they want.
In the case of Madam Boss who is becoming an international superstar lots of young girls look up to her and are the ones supporting her. As a celebrity does she not have a moral responsibility to be a good role model? The answer can be yes or no all depends on how you see life.
There are celebrities like lupita Nyong’o or Danai Gurira who are richer and more famous than Madam Boss, these ladies can afford and have access to the best bleaching injections and creams. These ladies have embraced their skin color and culture and are role models to millions of young black girls who look up to them. Kids are easily influenced and when they see their role models changing their skin colors by bleaching they will think being light skinned is beautiful and want to bleach also .
Celebrities like lupita Nyong’o or Danai Gurira are examples of what a good role model is they are showing young black girls that black is beautiful. Bleaching is medically not safe and has more side affects that including thinning of skin cell which can cause people bleeding out from minor cuts.

Possible side effects
Side effects of skin-lightening creams and Injections can include:

redness and swelling (skin irritation and inflammation)
a burning or stinging sensation
itchy and flaky skin
Possible risks of skin-lightening creams & injection containing hydroquinone, corticosteroids or mercury include:

skin turning dark or too light
thinning of the skin
visible blood vessels in the skin
kidney, liver or nerve damage
abnormalities in a newborn baby (if used during pregnancy
There are no specific health benefits to skin bleaching, but it can have a desirable cosmetic effect on the skin when used to treat certain skin conditions.
Bleaching may make you look prettier for a short time but as you get older your skin will come home and try to find its original color . Since some cells are damaged thats when people get pimples and black spots. Time will tell if bleaching is a good thing or not .For celebrities like Madam Boss it's her choice but what example is she setting for her daughter?


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