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29 Jun, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Tyra Gives Thanks & Appreciation To Sponsors & Fans

Tyra took time out of her busy schedual to give thanks and praise to her fans and all the companies that have made her a brand ambassador. Tyra has the most endorsements of any Zimbabwean and is the most paid celebrity when it comes to endorsements.

All the top companies in Zimbabwe work or have worked with Madam Boss to reach the top. Tyra has the biggest facebook page and Instagram pages amoung the top celebrities in Zimbabwe. She has used this following to create a brand for herself . This strategy has worked well for Madam Boss as some of her endorsements have been with companies from outside Zimbabwe.

Madam Boss has endorsements with companies based in Dubai , UK ,Australia and the United State of America. Madam Boss has managed to use Social Media to boost her career and make her the most succcessful celebrity in Zimbabwe. Madam Boss is in the same level as Jah Prayzah & Winky D when it comes to money making among Zimbabwean Celebties. Madam Boss through the guidance of her husband Mhofela has managed to turn social media into a business and its paying off well for them.

Most Zimbabwean use social media platforms for gossip and entertainment, through the watchfull eye of Mhofela Tyra has build an empire that even huge companies in Zimbabwe are not able to replicate. To reach Zimbabweans all over the world  companies turn to people like Madam Boss to advertise their products because Madam Bosses social media following reaches millions of Zimbabweans daily. 

Throughout her success Tyra has remained humble and never forgotten her past which she always reminds her fans of though her skits as dhudhu. Tyra has also been the target of attacks about her complexion with accusations of bleaching and scandlas with other celebrities. Throughout all these struggles Tyra & Mhofela have stood together and actually gotten stronger ans a couple. Zimbabwe is lucky to have someone humble and caring as Tyra aka Madam Boss and someone respected all over Africa because of her kindness and humility


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