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23 Sep, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Tytan Blasts Stunner We Have Never Been Friends He Marketed Me Achingonditaura

Tytan was on an interview with earground and was asked how his relationship with Stunner was after all these years. Tytans answer suprised everyone when he told the interviewer that he has never been friends with Stunner. "I have never sat down and had drinks or a meal with that guy, i want to thank him for bieing the best marketer, he is a typical rapper" said Tytan.  Watch the vidoe below.

Tytan and Stunner had a falling out when Tytan married Olinda Chapel who was once married to Stunner. The two musicians have been at war since then.

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Olinda says ‘angel’ Stunner better than ‘evil’ Tytan who ‘just wanted UK visa’ UK based socialite Olinda Chapel has launched a scathing attack on her ‘evil’ estranged husband Tytan Nkomo while praising her ex-husband, rapper Desmond ‘Stunner’ Chideme, as an angel.

She posted a status saying “ndopaunoona kuti Stunner Da Des waiva ngirozi zvake #evil”. This translates to “you can now see that Stunner was an angel” with hashtag #evil directed at Tytan. In another live video Olinda claimed the level of “evilness” she has endured from Tytan made Stunner look like an angel. She accused Tytan of only marrying her to secure a visa to live in the UK

She said she was no longer free to express herself freely because all her videos on social media where being collected and being used against her in the courts.

Olinda shot to prominence after her meltdown LIVE on social media when she broke up and eventually ended her marriage with Stunner.

She eventually moved on and married Tytan last year in March but the marriage hit rocky patches with Olinda claiming the singer was a serial bed-hopper and had slept with her best friend.

In a statement sent to Nehanda Radio in August this year Tytan said;

“I will be able to talk fully about the full details of the reason why our relationship has ended after the completion of police investigations and various legal proceedings. I am receiving support from a strong legal team and domestic abuse services.

“I would kindly ask that my family, friends and the public bear with me as I go through a very challenging and trying season in my life. Please keep Olinda, myself and Nandi in your prayers.”

That same week Olinda hit back with an Instagram LIVE video telling Tytan not to talk about ‘praying for them” because he did not care about her and the child. She also accused Tytan of lying about domestic abuse because “you want to tick the boxes just to retain your visa.”

Olinda said the ‘domestic violence’ Tytan is referring is the one time they grappled over a computer. She expressed regret having a baby (Nandi) with Tytan saying the baby was only three months old and already going through the drama manufactured by her father.

When we thought Tytan Skhokho and Olinda Chapel’s marriage had settled matters involving rapper Stunner, the Mukoko hitmaker on Thursday exclusively revealed to The Standard Style that Stunner was never his friend. ytan, who last week paid bride price (lobola) for his United Kingdom-based fiancée Chapel said Stunner used the friendship tag to make it like he had snitched on him.

The Bho singer said it was never his intention to have Stunner act the role of the cheating bridegroom in the video of the song Bho. He said if he was in Stunner’s position, he would not have taken that position.

The video, which was released last year to celebrate Valentine’s Day, is about a bridegroom (Stunner) who is caught cheating on his bride on the wedding day. Tytan, who acts the lead role as a room service provider in the hotel they are separately booked, comes in to comfort the heartbroken bride by assuring her that he will love her in a better way.

Ironically, the events in the video turned into reality. Olinda discovered that Stunner was cheating on her while she was in the UK, which resulted in the two divorcing. It did not take time for the “shattered” Olinda to move on; not looking beyond, she moved on with fellow musician Tytan.

Tytan said what is contained in the video of the song Bho and the turnout of events was nothing, but coincidence.

“Sometimes what we say or do as artistes jokingly can be taken for granted, but it can later turn out to be reality. We didn’t plan for events to turn out that way from the video up to me marrying Olinda. In fact, I and Stunner had never talked prior to shooting the video and up to now, we don’t talk. We are not friends,” he said.

When asked why then Stunner said he was his friend after Olinda had moved on with him, Tytan responded:

“We are not friends and I have never been friends with Stunner. We have never shared a drink together; he doesn’t know where I stay and I don’t know where he lives. I didn’t know where they stayed with Olinda when they were married. I don’t know his family neither does he know mine.

“Stunner tried to make it seem like we are friends, so that I become a bad friend who snatched a colleague’s wife, but that’s not me. I had never talked to Olinda when she was married to Stunner, but I only met her after they broke up.

“People should not take everything they hear as true, especially what Stunner says. People should understand that they were used by Stunner into believing that we were friends.”

Tytan said Stunner only found himself appearing in the video at the request of Kuda Musasiwa, aka Begotten Sun, who was then Tytan’s manager and the video’s executive producer.

“I had never spoken to him [Stunner] in my life and I am not the one who insisted to have him in the video. Kuda is the one who offered him the role and I couldn’t say no. If I was in Stunner’s position with intact morals, I wouldn’t have taken up that role,” he said.

Efforts to get a comment from Stunner were fruitless as his mobile phone was not reachable.

Tytan rubbished people’s assertions that his marriage to Olinda was meant to siphon money from the businesswoman who claimed to have been sponsoring ex-husband Stunner’s lavish lifestyle.


We are genuinely in love. No one is using anyone, in fact, we are living the best of our lives. People say a lot of things that suit their minds, they want to be entertained by stories which are mostly scandalous and when things go bad, it’s our lives being wasted while people don’t lose anything, but only their data bundles.”

Tytan said though life is not guaranteed he was looking forward to growing old with his wife Olinda.

“No one has ever got into a relationship or marriage with a mission of breaking up later. We are getting into this so that we can grow older together, we are not looking forward to breaking anytime soon,” he said.

Tytan said he was set to release songs with Sanni Makhalima and hip-hop star Takura. He will also release an album later this year.


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