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Celeb News

28 Jan, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Tytan Im Back Bigger Better & Drama Free

Tytan for Ex husband of Olinda Chapel is back with a bang and 2020 is his year. Tytan posted on his Instagram that he has been working 24/7 day and night and things are finally starting to pay off. Tytan has been going through a rough patch after separating from Business woman Olinda Chapel who brought in to the UK and spoilt him with a high life while he stayed at home baby sitting ther kids.

The pressure of being a stay home father and not working on his music led Tytan to cheat and eventualy parting ways with Olinda Chapel. Looks like Tytan has recovered and now fully active on social media. Tytan talked about the several projects he has been working on and his first event with be on the 15th of February Special Party.

Tytan also revealed he has a new company called Zim Inspired  which does project management and help to build and grow enterprenuers. Tytan also is producing the Rumbidzai Talk Show a Youtube series that dealsin issues affecting Zimbabweans in the Diaspora especially in the UK.
Besides working on his businesses Tytan has also been working on new music which is expected something this year. Tytan states that he is now in a better place in his life and focused on positive things and not worried about drama anymore. looks like 202 in the year of The TYTAN


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