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14 Feb, 2020 | Posted By:
Tytan Insults Olinda I Have Refused Your Proposals Several Times Kurara Pasi Pe Bridge Is Better Pane Kudanana Newe

Tytan has broken his silence about allegations that he left his daughter with stranger while he went to have fun Kubhawa. Tytan did a live video on Zimbabwe Social Media News where he addressed issues he is experiancing with Olinda Chapel. Tytan explains that he is a sweet father to his daughter and that she is the only reason he is staying in the UK. Tytan goes on to insult Olinda chapel by saying that "Olinda you have proposed to me several times and i have refused i would rather sleep under a bridge that have a relationship with you "

For someone trying to be reasonable and understanding Tytan is acting very immature and childish insulting the Mother of you daughter is not the way to move forward. Tytan accuses Olinda of using Nandi to control him and to bring him down. Tytan or Olinda both need to act like adults and fix thier issues. Tytan is so mature that he started promoting his business while on the live.