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07 Aug, 2019   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 1 minutes

Tytan (Kuzvimamira Mubhurugwa)Played & Influenced By People Jelous Of Olinda Chapel

Tytan the Ndokubata Bho hitmaker has what zimbabweans call Kuzvimamira Mubhurugwa. Tytan befriended people who have been jelous of Olinda Chapels lifestlye. These Individuals manipulated Tytan to cheat and dump Olinda so they can say Takamuwachisa Olinda, Tytan will be left alone after these people have thier way.

Things Olinda Chapel has done for Tytan

-Bought him clothes

-Bought Him Nice Phones & Mac Book

-Moved  Him To UK

-Pays For His Food & Accomodation

-Paying For his Music Career

-Giving Him A Benz To Drive Everyday

Tytan got to excited with the high life Olinda Chapel was providing for him that he grew a big head and abandons her and a 3 month year old baby. Tytan ambarasses Olinda and himself when he is seen twerkinh with some lady with pink hair. To make matters worse he Dumps Olinda via a so called press release. Tytan should of stood by his wife and not listen to Zimbabweans in UK who a majority are jelous of Olinda Chapels Life Style


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