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10 Jul, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Tytan Looking Fresh Available Happy & Living His Best Life

If photos could talk then Tytan is the happiest man on the planet. From the photos Tytan has been posting on his social media platforms he seems to be a happy man who is living his best life. Tytan has a moto he lives by  which says '"progressisamust".

Tytan is living by these words progress is a must, looking back at the last 2 years of Tytans life he is someone who has been to hell and back. From the nasty breakup with his ex wife businesswoman and socialite Olinda Chapel. To their social media fights and the struggle Tytan went through to get his UK residency. For most man they would of packed their bags and came back to Zimbabwe.

To Tytans credit he kept on pushing and fighting , Tytan at one point was the most hated Zimbabwean after he revealed Ex wife Olinda Chapels HIV status under the influence of his lawyer who had personal issues with Olinda. Tytan admitted in one othe interviews he has done that if he could turn back the hands of time he would of handled the whole situation in a more mature way.

Over the last few months Tytan & Olinda are now on good talking terms and are helping each other raise thier beautiful daughter Nandi who is a spitting image of Tytan. Getting to the point they are has not been easy both parties have shed so mamy tears. Besides meding his relatioship with Ex wife Olinda Tytan has been focusing on his Music , dancing and business where he is a brand promoter for artists and celebrities.

Tytan has collaborated with musician like Sanii Makhalima and they have a hit song titled Love you More which has a dance theme that gone viral on social media. Tytan has also released a hit song valled Pamha which many fans love and has become a song played at parties and weddings. Tytan has also been regularly performing at private parties and weddings to keep his love for musioc and performing going.

Tytan had a major break when her performed at Chabvondoka Pa UK and was one of the headliners of the show. His Ex-wife Olinda was the host but the ex-lovers acted proffessional and Tytans perfomance was amazing as he stole the show with his hit songs and amazing dance moves. Tyan is someone many Zimbabweans should look up to when it comes to sticking to your golas and staying resilient and never giving up. Looking at att the  things Tyan has gone through over the last 2 years he truly is an inspiration and is living his best life.


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