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01 Oct, 2019   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Tytan Trying To Get A Collabo With Jah Signal & Freeman Surprise Performance At Olinda Chapel High Tea

Word on the streets of UK have been talking that Tytan of the Ndokubata Bho fame has been busy talking to Jah Signal and Freeman so they can work with him on a Collabo. Freeman has now become the midas touch everything he touches turns to Gold. The streets of UK have also been talking that Tytan is going to make a suprise performance at Olinda Chapel High Tea event. Tytan is best friends with Lamont Chitepo who is performing at the High Tea and has a hit song with Tytan. Over the weekend Olinda Chapel was seen at another one of Tytans best friends event Tazz who performed Chimoko a song dedicated to Olinda by Tytan. The High Tea is geared to have lots or Suprices and possibly Olinda & Tytan getting back together.

Freeman did a song with EXQ  which became a huge hit and he has songs with other top musicians from Nox, Stunner,. Freeman currently has a hot track Ngaibake which he sings with BABA Shero which is the hottest song in Zimbabwe at the moment. Its no suprise that Tytan is trying to get himself a hit song by teaming up with 2 of the hottest Zimbabwean musicians. Jah Signal has become an international star with booking from all over the world. Jah Singnal has been to all continents performing. Jah Signal high energy shows are a must for promoters who are getting a great return for thier investments as Jah Signal shows are sold out.

Tytan has been busy working on his music and  branding business but he has not been getting large shows like he used to get. He been snubbed for major shows in the UK by promoters. Word on the streets are that some of these promoters have been paid off to blackball Tytan. Tytan is a very talented musician and his shows are interractive and fans get engaged so there is no reason Tytan should not be getting booked for shows all over the UK.

In a effort to boost his music career Tytan has been reaching out to Zimbabwean musicians who come to the UK on tours to work with him on collabos or even have him perform at thier shows as an opening act. There is no reason why one of the top musicians from Zimbabwe is not getting booked to play or open up for guys like Freeman or Jah Signal. 

Tytan has been the main act at Olinda Chapels annual High Tea event and becoz of his separation with Olinda Chapel he has been snubbed off that show as well and Olinda has hired International Super star Vimbai Zimuto to perform at that event. She has also hired Tytans best friend Lamont Chitepo to perform at the event. 

Tytan has always been a smart person and iof he can convince Jah Signal or Freeman to make a song with him he will be the talk of UK and all Zimbabwean Musicians touring the UK and Promoters will want to hire Tytan for thier shows. Being a talented Zimbabwean musician in the UK is a great niche and opportunity for Tytan for have bookings to perfrom with many artists who tour the UK. 2019 has been a touggh year for Tytan but 2020 will be "Year Of The Tytan"


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