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Celeb News

14 Mar, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Tytan Wants To Meet Zizoe To Give Him Advice & A Collabo

A close friend of Tytan has reached out to Zimbolivenews telling us that Tytan plans to reach out to Zizoe. “ Tytan is trying to reach out to Zizoe and possibly do a collabo and give him some advice and thank him for taking him off the spotlight "

Tytan is greatful to Zizoe because he has taken all the spotlight and pressure off him from Kuwundurwa on social media . Tytan feels and knows the pressure Zizoe is going through since he dealt with it with OC and the pressure from Facebook and social media said the source. 

Tytan plans to meet Up with Zizoe and have drinks and see if they can work on a collabo and encourage Zizoe to be strong and not let social media pressure get him down.

Tytan is a sweet guy this is a developing story will update you when the two Ben ten meet 


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