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Ugly Faces Bae Rich & Famous

Zimbolivenews did a secret poll and from the results, these individuals got the highest votes. Remember this is only for amusement and we hope everyone has fun with this and no one gets their feelings hurt.

You can leave your comments below the article for your choice of mr ugly.


Gerrard Anko Ged Belts: Great guy does shows on Zimbolivetv, very popular on social media loves politics. God did not bless him with everything was short changed pama looks Anko has a face inorwadza kutarisa feel sorry for Aunty Jenny. you can follow him on his facebook page


Ngomashi Prosper:  A very successful Zimbabwean Comedian who started from the bottom and now a huge success. known as the comic pastor. Prosper has a face only a mother can love. You can follow him on his facebook page


Baba Tencen: Kuripwa Kugara celebrity, He is popular for eating bread and 2 liter bottle of coke, failed at standup comedy and has a face which makes Ginimbi  and Anko Ged  look like they are handsome. You can follow him on his facebook page


Ginimbi Kadungure: Powerful and Multi Millionare, God realised he made such a huge mistake making Ginimbi Kadungure face that he had to correct things by blessing him with so much wealth. Ginimbi is so rich and has too many facebook pages i dont know which one is real.


Dziva: Very little known about him he was nominated on the secret poll he was 4th.



Prophet Walter Magaya: Magaya Judge mega, If i say too much ndoitirwa munamato. Face iyo yakaoma. Hanzi if Walter Magaya stares at you for too long unonzwa kuvaviwa nemashatiro eface. veYadah vachadya rasha nhasi pavanoona izvi. Walter Magaya has too many facebook accounts hard to tell which is real nyaya yekuvhara vanhu.


Remember guys this is for fun.





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