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UK Authorities Question Tytans Motives Amid Revelations He Produced Managed Marketed & Branded His Interview Exposing Olinda’s HIV Status

Crimes Courts

28 Feb, 2020   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

UK Authorities Question Tytans Motives Amid Revelations He Produced Managed Marketed & Branded His Interview Exposing Olinda’s HIV Status

Singer Tytan has once again grabbed the headlines for his explosive interview in which he levelled a number of damning allegations against his ex-wife Olinda.

Tytan came all guns blazing in a lengthy interview with Rumbidzai Bvunzawabaya in which he accused ex-wife Olinda Chapel of abuse and concealing her HIV status from him.

However the case has been reported to authorities are investigating after people  who were closely following the story were rubbed off the wrong way after it was revealed that Tytan was the Executive Producer Production Manager of the show and he also did the marketing and branding as well.

While some sympathizers saw it as him having agency over his narrative, some saw it as a cunning move to smear his ex-wife’s name and garner sympathy from the general public.

An emotionally charged Tytan bawled over as he revealed that Olinda deceived him about her HIV status during the course of their marriage and his discovery was a matter of happenstance.

He blamed Olinda for the downfall of their relationship and stated that her deception was the very same reason he exited the marriage.

Olinda, however, has slammed the rumours and branded Tytan a pathological liar. She said he knew about her status and even went to the hospital with her, helped administer her medication and lent her moral support.

She accused him of trying to blackmail her by threatening to reveal her medical records to the public.

Said Olinda

He knew about my history from the time he was in Zimbabwe. He knows I am in a very small group called a small progressor you know what a small progressor is?

I will send you another statement to show you how many times I got admitted in hospital it was more than 50 times and at each point, I was being admitted in hospital he was standing right beside me but now he is using all that as a weapon against me.

Check out some of the fans comments

“In other words, he is interviewing himself,” said one fan.

Loool this ni**a lying, PEP works within 72hrs and they’d been together for a while so he definitely knew she was sick and was ok with it smh, he should get tested live tionewo added another.

However some saw nothing wrong with Tytan being in charge

It’s his life story allow him to have control over what he says and how he wants the world to perceive it…… International celebrities have rights, produce and market controversial documentaries about their lives how is his story any different…. Let’s not stir up sh*t

Olinda claimed that after they finished the program Rumbidzai and Tytan were under fire from the police as the interview was deemed illegal.


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