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13 Jan, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Urban Tete Zuva Habane Revokes Mimi Charasa's Slay Queen Card Over Chautnga Comments

Mimi Charasa has officially lost her slay queen card and woman player card after Urban Tete Zuva Habane revoked her card. Urban Tete is the queen and sherrif of all Zimbabwean female behavior  on romance if you go offside she will deal with you and set you straight. Mimi commited the ultimate sin which was talking about zvirimubrugwa ma Chatunga son of the late President Robert Mugabe.

Urban Tete advised Mimi and other ladies that if you conduct in Chihule hule you must not be a loud mouth as it will affect your buisness. All the rich men will stay away from you because une pamuromo .  Urban Tete explains and gives details to why she has revoked Mimi's card. 

Urban Tete posted the foollowing  in her facebook " Bitch chronicles 2 vs 11 :nyangwe monetsana seyi, murume haatukwe nezvebhrugwa make!
AT one Time yakatombokupengesa mbolipopo iyo, pawaiidhla Uchiipfira pfira, uchiita zvekuisvisvina nekunhanzva masvada achatunga paya muchiita iya yatinoti deep throat yaiva size ani? zvawava kumutuka nhasi nokuti akazoramba wakwidza marates? maiita zvamaiita muchivande now shit has hit the fan wawakuuya kuchiwaridza chikomba pa social media kuti zviite seyi thats wrong sis and you know it!
usadaro munun'una chihure hachinzwan'o.
unozvivharira maclients vanenge vakuhla kunyudza vachihla kuvhondogwa.
chera chikomba usvipe drop those cheap whore vibes, murume haatukwe nezvemubhrugwa EX or no Ex!
ndini wenyu #UrbanTete"

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The late former president Robert Mugabe’s son Bellarmine Chatunga Mugabe recently had a nasty fallout with Instagram model and alleged ex-girlfriend only identified with her moniker Mimi Charasa which has sent skeletons tumbling from the duo’s private lives. The two alleged estranged lovers went at it hammer and tongs on social media, undressing each other and hurling ‘unprintable’ insults on social media.

The no holds barred tiff took an unprecedented turn after the exotic looking model inadvertently divulged the couple’s sexcapades when she attacked Chatunga alleging that his manhood is very small. Chatunga, however, laughed off Charasa’s claims. In his response, Chatunga alleged that Charasa was a bitter golddigger who had slept with most of the regular patrons at the posh upmarket night club, Dreamsnightlife, which is owned by businessman Genious  “Ginimbi” Kadungure.


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