V11 Chikonzero Mary Akaramba General Chiwenga Paita Zvekadora


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V11 Chikonzero Mary Akaramba General Chiwenga Paita Zvekadora


Chiwenga ‘ Dora’ behind split upA well confirmed breaking news get to my desk just right now saying that..

The former Zimbabwe Army General, Vice President and Second Secretary of the Zimbabwean African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU–PF) Constantino Guveya Chiwenga and his quondom wife Marry Mubayiwa’s marriage have come to an end

The parties finally held the out-of-court dialogue to pull the plug out their marriage that his the rocks in November. Sources familiar with the argument disclosed yesterday that the two parties made damaging declare against each other and chances of reunite are next to zero.

Chiwenga insisted on speedy paternity tests on the kids Marry had during her brief marriage to Genaral. It also pop up that one of the reasons, if not the main, why Chiwenga is pushing for the tests is that Marry used to grumble that the Genaral, due to being a coup Icon, was shortcoming to make her wife happy and not satisfy Marry in bed.

Before being married to Chiwenga, Marry was previously married to a soccer Superster, Shingi ROVAMBIRA Kaondera who supposedly was equipped with a very long  ‘ROVAMBIRA’ that Genaral could by no chance compete with.

Chiwenga’s family members told Marry that her behaviour during the short-lived marriage created obvious disharmony and uncertainty. And for someone who criticized General for not ‘pumping’ his manhood into her ‘honey pot’ deep enough, the Political’s camp is convinced that Marry ‘leased’ her ‘buri tunnel’ to her garden boy and this is the major reason behind the demand for paternity tests.

Even during yesterday’s talks, Marry is understood to have told Chiwenga point blank that one of the problems during their marriage was his SMALL Dora which she likened to a worm – also known as Munyurwi. As a result of Chiwenga’s alleged ‘kagusvani’, the two reportedly never slept together since Marry gave birth for the second time.

A furious Chiwenga allegedly ordered his wife’s arrest on money laundering and fraud charges following a testy meeting on Friday which was called to discuss the collapse of their customary marriage.

Marry, according to sources, was in combative mood in the meeting, repelling accusations of infidelity and telling elders from both their families that their sex life was dead.

“She was very hostile, she even described Chiwenga’s inadequacies in bed in shocking detail. It was the stuff no man wants to hear. She drove Chiwenga up the wall,” a source briefed on the meeting told Zimbolivenews.

Sixty-three-year-old Chiwenga, who has been attempting to evict Marry from their Borrowdale home, immediately took custody of their three children aged eight, seven and five after she was arrested. Two other children from the 38-year-old former model’s past relationships were sent to her mother.During the meeting on Friday, Chiwenga also accused Marry of trying to force him to marry her from his South African hospital bed while he was battling for life from suspected poisoning in July.Chiwenga suggested that Marry thought he was dying – and was more interested in securing her stake in his estate.At around the same time, Marry allegedly bought a house in Pretoria and two Range Rover SUVs for millions of rand.


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