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11 Nov, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Victims Of Gnimbi's Tragic Accident Must Be Compensated By His Estate & Insurance

Tragic and sad as it is, Genius "Gnimbi" Kadungure was irresponsible and careless. The deaths of Moana, Limumba Karim and Elisha. These tragic deaths were were needless and preventable. The families who have lost their loved ones as a result of Gnimbi's carelessness should sue his car insurers and his estate for compensation for wrongful death. Since the accident I have not seen a single article or news report commenting on this, and anyone advising these families regarding suing Gnimbi's estate for wrongful death. It is estimated Gnimbi was worth up to US$64 million.

It's sad that people are celebrating Gnimbi's life and not condemning his reckless behaviour that resulted in the untimely deaths of three passengers in his vehicle. People are mocking the poor famililes of these victims who are struggling with the funeral arrangements and costs. People are mocking the funeral of Moana making odious and repulsive comparisons with Gnimbi's flamboyant funeral arrangements. She did not deserve to die at the hands of the recklessness of playboy  Gnimbi. One would think a wealthy person of his stature would no better not to drink and drive. He could afford to have a personal driver pick him and his friends after drinking and partying so hard.

There is enough evidence and witness accounts to corroborate that Genius was driving under the influence of alcohol. I have not heard or seen a post mortem report, but I won't be surprised if he was also under the influence of drugs. I have also not seen the police report of all the facts. The families of the victims in this tragic accident should sue Gnimbi's estate for compensation for a cause of action of  death by intoxication and dangerous driving. Moana was a victim, Elisha was a victim, Karim was a victim so was the driver of the Honda Fit, of Gnimbi's utter recklessness and careless regard for the safety of friends and members of the community.

There  seems to an acceptance by Zimbabweans of this distasteful culture of drink driving. The fact that no one is condemning Gnimbi's deplorable behaviour about confirms this. The government of Zimbabwe itself has not condemned this, the Zimbabwe Republic Police has not made a statement condemning this. These deaths were needless, the lack of condemnation of Gnimbi  disgraceful behaviour shows a culture of impunity by Zimbabwe's elites.

The death of a loved one regardless of how the public views that individual is a tragic event. I listened to Moana's father, his words were of a father devastated by the tragic death of his daughter despite the different path of life she chose. This is a man who had to quit his job so he could look after his 5 children. An untimely death is one of the most agonising and insufferable moment of a  family members life let alone a parent. Those left to mourn are adversely affected for years. Dealing with the loss of a loved one after a tragic accident is  arduous, even worse when the death is caused by the utter recklessness of another individual.

We should be helping Moana's family and the others to understand and exercise their rights to lodge  a fatal accident claim. Yes, there is no amount of compensation that will bring back their lives, but it can go some way to cushion the enduring effect of such a loss. I would like to believe Zimbabwe has laws with provisions of compensation for death by dangerous driving.

We should be putting the spotlight on Zimbabwe's culture of drink driving. Gnimbi's deplorable behaviour has ruined the lives of many families. He has also ruined thousands of  lives that depended on him and his business. There are also knock on effects in the economy that are incalculable. There is no excuse for the level of irresponsibility shown by Gnimbi of  intoxication, dangerous overtaking, aggressive driving, ignoring traffic signs, and noise nuisance. He was also not wearing a seat belt. I have reviewed quite a number of his videos including the videos of the tragic night both before the and after the party, he never put on the seat belt. This man was a danger to himself, his family, colleagues and the community. The other victims of his recklessness are the driver of the Honda Fit he collided with including his passenger. They should seek compensation for any trauma they suffered as well as for the loss of the vehicle.

Zimbabwe must take time off celebrating Gnimbi and reflect at the wild west carnage of law breaking in this tragic event. I wish Gnimbi survived so he could face prosecution for his utter disregard of the safety of others and community at large. Gnimbi's caused the death of three people and all I am hearing is this "KUROMBA" ( Gnimbi's performed a ritual killing in order to get rich) and Versace branded wealth. We are not  even considering another dimension, the scandalous passion that Zimbabwe's elites  have for foreign brands and products. Gnimbi's was a perfect example of how Zimbabwean elites are draining the country of its wealth and enriching foreign nations and foreign corporations, in particular western nations. There are so many issues this tragic accident brings out for reflection; the state of roads, healthcare provision; emergency response services (lack of ambulances, fire brigade etc); policing standards and skills ( shambolic accident scene management); basic CPR knowledge in school curriculum or workplaces ( Gnimbi's had no first aid, was not even in a recovery position to secure airways); tax and custom duties avoidance, the list goes on. There is nothing to celebrate, the country needs fixing. We should shine a light on all these matters when these elites gather for Gnimbi's burial. 

The image of Gnimbi lying there covered by tree branches, shoes stolen, should be an image that reminds the elites in Zimbabwe to fix the country. Only a few months earlier, we witnessed Zororo Makamba's death because of lack of health facilities. The reaction of the elites was to run around and fix up a couple of hospitals for themselves, suddenly they realised it could be one of them, and here we are again. 


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