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09 Sep, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Vimbai Zimuto Shares Her Description Of Robert Mugabe In Pictures

Talented musician Vimbai Zimuto took to her social media platform facebook and posted her thoughts on the late President of Zimbabwe Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Vimbai talks about how  she would describe Mugabe 's rule in one picture. but that he was a legend so she used multiple photos. She used the photos below to describe Robert Mugabe.

"Its tough to describe Mugabe 's rule in one picture😅. I mean the dude was a legend.💪 The one and only time I met him was 1997 I was form 1 and a drum majorrette he was officially opening kambani yemagumbeze kuzengeza industrial area👌. Shake hands yacho it was faster than I've ever seen before😁. Every Zimbabwean knows kuti the moment you give him the Mic, Zvafa. He would tell us all we needed to hear and more.😏
He was intelligent enough to make a mark on everything that he did.☺️
I cant say I loved him or hated, but I respect everything he stood for. His efforts and ideas were to make Zimbabwe a great nation unfortunately because he didn't groom a leader to take over, it became more and more difficult for anything to move especially when technology changed and we needed to get out of stone age.😉
I will mention one thing I hated abt his rule and one thing I loved.
I hated the fact that Unity treaty was signed on Dec 22 but I still dont see unity amongst shonas and Ndebeles as long as shonas dont learn Ndebele and Ndebeles learn shona(which if they dont learn its to their disadvantage, I call it shona pple privileges) hapana hapana.(my opinion) 😊
I loved his charisma, intelligence, passion for his country, and I learnt to understand the importance of what you say and how you say it, if you want pple to listen to you. The rest you guys can tell me, what you hated and loved about him. ❤️❤️❤️Rest in peace Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

NB:feel free to describe what you think these pics are saying abt how am describing Cde Mugabe's rule😉😉😉
#vtude #lioness"


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