27 Nov, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Was The Turkey Trip A Setup For Mudiwa Cookies & Olinda Chapel Vakamakana

Mudiwa Cookie Lyon has come out asking a very intersting question. What was Faith Domingos goal in inviting Olinda Chapel and her to Turkey when she knew that they hated each other. Cookies did a audio live in which she asks kuti Faith aida kuti tirwe here was it a setup. 

Its no secret to most Kazens or fans of both Olinda Chapel & Cookies that these two ladies are like water and oil they just dont mix. Cookie explains the reason she did not go to Turkey was because she go sick. Cookie asks Faith bought Tickets for Olinda and knew i would be there  but me and Olinda dont see eye to eye was it a setup? If you are a fan of Reality shows the most intersting part is the drama. Having sworn enemies in the same reality show same hotel with free alcohol is the perfect menu for drama. 

Cookie says it in her audio that she would of lost it being in the same hotel and filming with Olinda she would of gone wild.


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