Will The Prophecy Happen? Is Bushiri Worried Inside Look


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Will The Prophecy Happen? Is Bushiri Worried Inside Look

"Prophet Shepherd Bushiri will die in December claims fellow preacher Passion Java" these were the words that shocked millions of followers of prophet Bushiri and Passion Java. Passion announced this prophecy begginging of November and now we are in December everyone is nervous of what will happen.
Passion Java is a true man of God and many if not most of his Prophecies have come true. The good news for Prophet Bushiri is that Prophet Passion Java has stated that he received the prophecy but has been praying that it does not happen. Prophet Passion Java loves and respects Bushiri and believes he is a great father with a great mission and is helping many people.

When Prophet Shepard Bushiri heard about the prophecy of him dying  his top aids told zimbolivenews that "PROPHET VAKABUDA MASIRIRI NEHASHA VAKAROVA MADZIRO ZVIBHAKERA". Prophet Bushiri was so furious that the next sunday in his service accoused prophet Passion Java of being fake and an attention seeker. He even claimed that Passion Java has hired known criminals to target him. It turned out these criminals were infact Zim dancehall artists Fantan ,Levels and Enzo, after this Prophet Bushiri made a public Apology to Passion Java.

Zimbolivenews South African based reporter and a member of Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECG) has reported that Prophet Bushiri has not been acting himself lately but could not confirm if he is worried about the prophecy by Passion Java coming true or he is streesed with the legal issues he is facing of money laundering. Our reporter claims that Prophet Bushiri does night services and one on one sessions but had not had one all month and is having his senoir pastors take these duties. 

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Prophet Passion Java and Prophet Shepherd Bushiri are known for their sharp accurate prophecies but this time it is from one to the other. The controversial prophecy given by the social media influencer Prophet Passion Java has drawn criticism from the church. He came on his social media handles asking people to pray for Prophet Bushiri as he claimed it was revealed to him that Prophet Bushiri was going to die in December. Him publicly sharing a prophecy concerning Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has come under fire from different clergymen some coming out to rebuke the young prophet. He said that he had received the prophecy some time back and had written it in his book titled 'I ALREADY TOLD YOU'. Some people are saying he is just trying to sell his book while others believe the prophecy could be true but was shared in a wrong way.
One Pastor D Isaac said, " Nonsense in the body of Christ. We can fight or contradict each other in a way to correct each other. I feel pity for him because  I had so much respect for his ministry. He has become a prophet without character. He should apologise for this fake prophecy. I thought I had a brother who can prophecy with character." The pastor went on to accuse him of getting mascurade welcome in Zimbabwe.
Prophet Justice Hara said, "Java where is your prophecy coming from? I can see Major 1 preaching on 31 December and in 2020. What Java has spoken is not true. I believe in you and seen the fruits. I question your anointing the way you brought it out. I question everything. It's nonsense. If you wanted fame, attention, you got it. You have just killed your ministry."

On Saturday at his Partners' Meeting, Prophet Bushiri brushed the prophecy off as rubbish. He said, "I heard someone trying to prophecy about my death, some attention-seekers, looking for attention to become popular and famous using some people's names... Just for attention. WE ARE AROUND. WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE" to the cheering of the full church. He went on to say that he was not going to give him the pleasure of saying out his name since it seems that is what he wanted and he is fake. 
Prophet Passion Java claims that he has spoken prophecies that have come to pass including the death of former president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe. He said that he was praying to reverse the prophecy. Prophet Bushiri has great respect and admiration from many prophets who call him their spiritual-father.
Prophet Passion Java of Passion Java Ministries is based in the United States.
Prophet Java was born in Zimbabwe in October 28 1988 is currently married to Lily Tsegaye from Ethiopia after he got divorced from Prophetess Yasmin in 2015.
Prophet Java is known for his sharp prophecy and calling out people's identity numbers and date of birth. He has been accused by many for using juju (muti) for his miracle. He washed away such accusations saying that he was born with a special gift and that prophets were greater than juju people. He is a social media influencer and shows off his flamboyant lifestyle to the cheering of Zimbabweans. He flashes around his wealth on social media and he recently lost his Rolex watch believed to be worth $20 000 and he was offering a reward of $2 000 to anyone who finds it. When he turned 24 years, one of his three birthday celebrations was attended by Prophet Uebert Angel and his wife, Nigerian flashy 'Oga' Chief Okeke and Apostle Batsirai Java who is his brother. He also sponsors Zimbabwe artists which has won him the hearts and admiration from Zimbabweans.  
Prophet Shepherd Bushiri well-known as Major 1 is one of the greatest and famous prophets in 
Africa if not the world. He is a Malawian based in South Africa. He is the founder and general overseer of Enlightened Christian Gathering a non-denominational evangelical church based in Pretoria South Africa and has millions of followers from across the world. He was born 1983, February 20 and is married to Mary Zgambo Bushiri and together they have two children.
He is also businessman who owns a global investment company, Shepherd Bushiri Investments (Pvt) Ltd based in Sandton (the richest square in Africa), Johannesburg with connections to an airline, mining, real estate and more. He is believed currently to be one of the wealthiest pastors in the world. His spiritual father is the multimillionaire leader of Good News Church in UK, Prophet Uebert Angel. 
Prophet Bushiri was temporarily banned from entering Botswana before courts ruled that he was free to continue operating in the country but is now required to apply for visa each time he wants to enter, a thing that was not there before. To attend special dinners with the prophet is not free and it has been reported that the fee can be as high as R25 000 per seat. Early 2019, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri was arrested together with his wife by South African Directorate for Priority Investigation (HAWKS) for fraud and money laundering. Their case is still in courts and they were both fined R100 000 and their traveling documents taken such that each time they need to travel they would need to get written permission. The case was postponed to 29 November 2019. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is planning to host a cross-over night prayer estimated to cost around R12 million as it will be held at FNB stadium. Meanwhile, the work of God continues as more souls await deliverance. 
Prophet Java is yet to respond to the bashing at the time of publication.


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