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01 Jan, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Winky D Abvuta Chimuti From Jah Prayzah

Winky D  takes over Chimuti From Jah Prayzah 

2019 was the year of Chimuti Pokello claimed her chimuti as the queen of fashion and swagger. On the music side Jah Prayzah who has held Chimuti since he released his big album Kutongwa Kwaro seems to of lost his title which he has held for a long time to Winky D.

Jah Prayzah released Sadza Nemuriwo which was a good album but was over shadowed by Freeman and Alick Macheso Ngaibake song which took Chimuti from Jah Prayzah. Ngaibake was like a national anthem other musicians would perform it to hype their fans at thier shows.To seal the deal the yellow shirt baba Shero wore on the video became a fashion masterpiece. Ngaibake video was also 350% better that what Jah Prayzah did for Sadza  Nemuriwo video.

December comes along and Winky D has been busy working hard on his new Album which he named Njema which is a masterpiece and is an Album the greats like Thomas Mapfumo & the late Oliver Mtukudzi would endorse.

Njema is a fun Album with dance tunes but the message is so powerful that the Zanu PF elites panicked to a point they wanted to ban the Album . They demanded to listed to the Album before it was released. 

Winky D touches social Issues The Song Ijipita talks about how things are and how people have left and gone to places where there mothers are not at. The albums  Njema  talks about social and political issues in a metaphorical matter which is similar to what Thomas Mapfumo did in his music. Winky D hit a homerun with his Album Njema. 

The Album Njema has officially given Winky D Chimuti as the best Zimbabwean make musician. 

Jah Prayzah has lost Chimuti but we know he is too talented and will be working hard to take back Chimuti from Winky D as the best male musician in Zimbabwe .


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