Zimbabwean Tollgate Shocks Millions On The Internet


26 Aug, 2020   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 1 minutes

Zimbabwean Tollgate Shocks Millions On The Internet

The Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara) raised road toll fees by 350 percent on in July 2020 but the quality of the infrastructure still leaves a lot to be desired.

A photo circulating on social media has set tounges wagging because of how bad the infrastructure is. The tollgate appear as if it will fall on the Zinara officers manning it. Mnangagwa's government looks as if it is not bothered by the safety of Zinara employees.

Vehicles in Zimbabwe continue paying for the roads but the road infrastructure is being neglected and one wonders where the funda collected by Zinara are being channelled to. 

Light motor vehicles will now pay Z$45 at toll gates on Zimbabwe's highways, up from Z$10.

Zinara also raised the licence fees for light vehicles from Z$200 to Z$750.

Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Joel Biggie Matiza announced the fee increases in two statutory instruments. The last review of the vehicle licence fees was in December last year, when they were raised by 100 percent.

Meanwhile, minibuses will pay Z$70, buses Z$90, heavy motor vehicles Z$115 and haulage trucks Z$225 under the new toll fees. Motor cycles remain exempt.

People living within 10km of a toll gate pay Z$50 daily, or Z$3,000 per month.

Zinara, meanwhile, has pegged fees for new vehicle registration and change of ownership in United States dollars.


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