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Crimes Courts

19 Nov, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Zimbabwean Woman Burned In Musina As Punishment For Stealing Meat Worth R25

Zimbabwean Woman Set On Fire In Musina As Punishment For Stealing Meat Worth R25 

In a sad development, a Zimbabwean woman is lucky to be alive after she was doused with methylated spirit and set alight by employees at a SuperSpar for stealing food worth R25.

iHarare has established that a Zimbabwean woman living in South Africa was badly injured when employees at  SuperSpar set her on fire for stealing a packet of meat worth R25 on 10 November 2020.

The 40-year-old woman who spoke to the  on condition of anonymity revealed that she sustained burn wounds on her waist, arm, leg, and vagina when three employees at the shop doused her with methylated spirit and set her alight.

 “Out of desperation I walked to Spar and stole a packet of meat worth R25. I walked out without anyone noticing me until some Spar workers approached me, requesting to know what I had bought. I never denied anything. I showed them the meat,” said Mavis.

She said though she explained her situation and apologized for her actions, the employees went ahead and  poured spirits onto her skirt and set it alight.

I asked for forgiveness but all fell on deaf ears. Some kicked me. I told them if they wanted to kill me then they should not make me suffer that way,” she said.

Luckily some  Musina residents came to her rescue and called the police who responded quickly. The residents immediately demanded that the shop be closed, however, the shop was re-opened the next day.

The Spar Group confirmed the incident saying the store and its ownership were shocked and saddened by these events that took place at SuperSpar. The company has since apologized and offered support to the alleged victim and family.

According to Colonel Moathse Ngoepe from Musina South African Police Service (SAPS), three people aged between 27 and 40 were arrested in connection with the incident.

All three have so far appeared at the Musina Magistrates Court on 13 November and were granted bail of R1 000 each.

They are due back in court in January 2021.


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