Zims Top Vocalist Nox Posts Zvinovhundutsa Vanhu On Facebook


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Zims Top Vocalist Nox Posts Zvinovhundutsa Vanhu On Facebook

Zimbabwean Social Media Community is worried and many are praying for Zimbabwea's Top Vocalist Nox Guni. Noz posted some posts on his Facebook and people are woried and many wondering if everything is OK. Nox Guni is one on Zimbabwea's best Vocalists he is blessed with a voice of an Angel. Nox just returned to his home base In South Africa  from the United Kingdom where he had a very successful tour. Nox posted about depression  and how people pretend everything is perfect in their lives when infact they have issues or are suffering inside.

"To all those going through stuff they cannot discuss with anyone, may the almighty see you through, Depression is real, a lot put up smiley faces just to cover up the pain and struggles inside" this was on the first post by Nox. a few minutes later he posted another post which even made the situation worse and kazens started posted all over social media trying to get hold of Nox  and his wife.

Nox Posted " When i die plz dont write msgs on my wall... i wont see them. Vanondida chaivo zvemashuwa have my number and they know my story. thank you" Zimbolivenews reporters based in South Africa have been busy trying to reach out to Nox but have not been able to get hold of him or his team.

Nox Guni is Married to Tallyn Ndudzo Guni and the coulple is deeply in love. The two were inseparable while he was touring the UK. We can confirm everything is good relationship wise between these love birds. Depression is something many Zimbabweans especially in the Diaspora deal with on a daily bases and many carry the suffering for years without getting treatment. with a huge Celebrity like Nox talking and bringing awareness to it may be a good thing.

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South African based Urban Groover, Enock ‘Nox’ Guni was on Sunday exposed on Facebook after a girl he had been scrounging s*xual favours from, uploaded screenshots of their illicit chats on the social network.

iHarare gathered that the girl, Nicole Mtisi had been texting and sending Nox pics which were presumably so sexy that the pint sized artist could not help but reply with a pic of his ‘junk’ telling the girl that he wanted to engage in unprotected intercourse with her when he returns to Zimbabwe in May.
Nox, a marketing graduate from  Midlands State University (MSU)  told Nicole that he wanted to ‘eat’ her ‘honeypot’ till she climbed cloud nine.
The Ndinonyara singer then asked the girl if she wanted to be his girlfriend or be his f**kmate forever.

It’s not clear what miffed the girl to the extent of wanting to embarrass Nox like this. Sadly our efforts to reach her hit a brick wall as her Facebook account has now been deactivated.
But we managed to get the screenshots as well as an audience with Nox who pleaded the fifth saying  silence is golden and can never be misquoted.
“No comment, iHarare, silence can never be misquoted,” he said
Nox’s ex-girlfriend popularly known as Amai Gamu did not have kind words for her cheating ex-boyfriend Enoch “Nox” Guni.

The socialite and businesswoman who some time ago opened up on how Nox used and betrayed her wrote on her Official Facebook page in an illocutionary statement  pointing out that Kharma was taking its course on Nox. Nox recently engaged with his UK based girlfriend and barely a month after the engagement there was a video of the Ndinonyara hitmaker video calling another woman and masturbating .

Nox through his lawyers then released a public statement and accepted that indeed it was him who appeared on the video and he apologised to his fiancé and his relatives. Some of his followers, however, argued that he wrote the statement himself as there was no legal jargon in the statement.

Amai Gamu had warned Nox after the news of his engagement broke out that she was watching him. Nox's fans still see Amai Gamu as a bitter ex as she was cheated on by Nox yet she financed the Urban Groove artist's lifestyle Amai Gamu is a Harare businesswoman who has stolen the limelight through her controversial posts on social media. She became more popular after her nasty break up with Nox sometime in 2017.

Nox is not the only one who has been accused of having a blesser as a girlfriend. Stunner was also accused of using Olinda as his ATM card. The two later broke up. EXQ was also accused of living his ex-wife Irene Office for a richer woman and recently a local rapper Carlos Green was accused of having a sugar mommy who has been buying him new rides.