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28 Jun, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Zizoe Pamyk Shines In His Debut Online Concert

Zizoe Pamyk proved he is a force in the music Industry with his performance at the Gara Mumba Iwe UK online concert. Zizoe who is still new in the music industry and still learning and growing his trade did amazing despite all the pressure he was facing. Zizoe found himself between a battle between Mai TT & Passion Java so many eyes were on him. Even artists like Tocky Vibes, Jah Prayzah and even Winky D took years to develop and a stage presence. Zimbabwean need to give Zizoe a change and time to have a better stage presence.

Majority of people were routing for Zizoe to be successful and deliver a great show. Zizoe did not fail to deliver as he had over 19K people watching his performance. Zizoe did amazing being a young artist with little stage performance experience   The show was being streamed live on Zimbolive and during his performance the stream stopped for a few moments and users were kicked off the live and the numbers of people watching dropped from 19k to 11k. 

A similar incident happened to Jah Prayzah when he was performing on Nash TV the stream stopped halfway and number of viewer fell when connectivity failed on the live. This is an issue Zimbabwean artist will have to deal with until  network issues improve.

Many of Mai TT fans celebrated about this minor glitch but this does not remove or take away from the fact that Zizoe did amazing and pulled so many viewers on his performance.

 Mai TT was not impressed by her ex lovers performance at the Twabam Gara Mumba Iwe UK concert. If her message to Gaffa Passion Java & Zizoe Pamyk Mai TT posted a Gonzo Rabheuka photo. If you are a KAZEN you know the message behind the photo. Mai TT is basically throwing shade at Prophet Passion Java & Zizoe for the show.

Zizoe must of hit a nerve in Mai TT when he took time on his performance and thanked Tyra twice and since Madam Boss is Mai TT number one enemy Mai TT was going to clap back. The image posted soon after the show of a toy car with rats next to it is a statement, The statement is the its not year of Gonzo but gore re kiti and Kiti will knock down gonzo.

Mai TT  & Passion Java have been fighting for the last weeks over donations which were made to Marabha. Some statements were made and the two have been battling back and forth. Knowing the Gaffa Passion Java this beef is not over he will have something to say to Mai TT. Mudiwa Hood who gre up with Passion Java and is close friends with Mai TT tried to play peace maker betwwen the 2 but failed and things got worse when Mai TT recorded private conversations betwwen the three and exposed them on social media.

Madam Boss who never fights on social media and will hardly respond to Mai TT has not said a word. Mabam Boss is know as the queen of clapback and will use a photo or a comment to fight back has been silent and not responded to the thank you message from Zizoe Pamyk.


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