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01 Nov, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Zuva Habane & Jackie Ngarande VoWundurana PaSocial Media

Looks like the beef between Zuva Habane & Jackie Ngarande is not ending soon after Zuva Habane hit Jackie Ngarande Nechibhakera Chematsenganzungu. Jackie threw her own Chibhakera Chekugotsi at Zuva Habane by posting a photo of herself thanking God for a slim body and saynig if she was a heavy set woman airemerwa with her body and brain.

For Kazens that have been following this war of words they know this was a directed at Zuva Habane and Edith Chibhamu who are both heavy set beautiful Ladies. In the social media circles this is what we call a hit and run shade attack.


Zuva Habane aka Urban Tete is not one to shy away from a direct insult and has issues a second warning to Jackie Ngarande telling her to again mind her HOKOSO and to stay in her lane. Zuva Habane tells Jackie that her time has passed and her body now has high milleage and she needs to move to the terraces because Lorraine Guyo is now the new Queen in town.

Zuva warns Jackie to stop her shenanigans or she will expose all she knows about Jackies business and zvikomba.See the posts from Zuva below

Social Media is at a stand still as many Kazens are fans of both Jackie & Zuva we hope these beautiful ladies find a common ground and resolve this issue


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