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07 Sep, 2018 | Posted By: staff reporter
Zuva Habane Breaks Her Silence On Tatelicious Part2

Zuva Habane has broken her silence from the claims Tatelicious made about her. Tatelicious claimed Zuva has a prostitute and having sex with Windiz and different men. And the Zuva never finished school. Zuva habane had gone radio silent  but after prayers and deep though she has come back defending herself. Zuva in this video asks if Zimbabweans should be proud of Tatelicious for posting videos of herself having sex on facebook. Zuva asks Zimbabweans to think and not just follow mobb mentality. Zuva makes it clear she is not intimidated or afraid of Tatelicious and that she will defend her family and honor, when lies are told about her.

Zimbolivenews has always maintained  neutrality on facebook news and just reports what been posted. Zimbaolivenews loves and respects Zuva Habane and Tatelicious we have no side or agenda we just report.

Zuva Makes a live of facebook in which she defends her honor and her marriage. watch the video and judge.



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