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01 Nov, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Zuva Habane Claps Back At Jackie Ngarande Nechibhakera Chematsenganzungu

The streets of Social media have been very tense over the last few weeks with 2 of Zimbabwes most beautiful & talented business women Zuva Habane & Jackie Garande at each others throats. The drama started 2 weeks ago when Jackie Ngarange Accused Zuva Habane & Edith Chibhamu of using Lorraine Guyo to get famous by sleeping with rich men.

Over the last few days Jackie & Zuva have been posting and thowing shade at each other. Yesterday Jackie Ngarande did about 5 lives on Facebook  thowing shade at Zuva & Edith for using Lorraine Guyo. Jackie Even fired shots at Lorraine Guyo and warned her never mention the name Jackie to reporters and to keep her name out of her mouth.

At we all know Lorraine is non confrontational she never responds to anyone on social media as we saw with the Thomas scandal. This time Jackie Ngarande messed with the wrong one Zuva Habane is not shy to voice her opinion and defend herself. Aftre seeing the lives and posts by Jackie Ngarande on her Facebook page Zuva could not hold it back and threw Chibhakera Chema Tsenga Nzungu at JACKIE. 

See The photo of Zuvas Response To Jackie


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