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17 Nov, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Zuva Habane Hanzi Jackie Ngarande & Passion Java Muri Ku Hacker Facebook & Instagram Yangu

Zuva Habane accuses Jackie Ngarande & Passion Java of hacking her Facebook & posting nudes  

Social media influencer and socialite Zuva Habane has sensationally claimed that her Facebook account got hacked after her public squabble with fellow socialite Jackie Ngarande and prophet Passion Java.

Zuva stated that the person who hacked her account has since blocked her from using the account and keeps posting nudes whilst purpoting to her her.

Said Zuva ‌

Ever since i beefed up with Passion & Jackie someone hacked into my FB Acc been posting nudes got me blocked till 9 dec 

I know who you are using its petty but clearly you got worked up. you trying to erase me on FB 

Listen up J &J I am Zuva Habane i cannot be erased.Zuva haridzimugwi nemvura semoto wemapepa. i knw your hacker!

I Changed my passwords but i knw that wont stop them, pane backup page randichakupayi

Stunner and Amanda Zuva Habane Facebook hacked and they think its Passion Java. Okay, so the war is on again. Social media has never been this exciting l tell you. So there is a story currently making noise on the internet. Rapper Stunner real name Desmond Chideme has had his Facebook account hacked same as socialite Amanda Zuva Habane.

So the two are thinking its got something to do with the controversial self-proclaimed man of God Prophet Passion Java who both of them are not in good terms with. Remember Passion Java released a video some few weeks ago dissing Stunner and Mudiwa Hood, which resulted in Stunner blasting the Prophet and Amanda Zuva did a video also blasting the Prophet for his remarks as well.

Amanda also did mention Jackie Ngarande’s name as she was recently having a war with her again over actress and socialite Lorraine Guyo. So she thinks its either Jackie Ngarande or Prophet Passion Java who are behind the hacking of her Facebook Account. On the other sid, Jah Signal’s Facebook has been done the same too. All the artist posted this on their Social media platforms. check the pictures below


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