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21 Apr, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Zuva You Copied & Pasted Same Apology To Everyone Chiedza Says Apology Is Void

Dear Zuva;

I actually thought your apology was genuine. So much so that I only showed it to my best friend and my personal confidant. I immediately forgave you without hesitation or pride and genuinely.  I then proceeded to go onto my social media platforms and block the expose video I did with the disappointed Zuva Nation for 7 hours and all my other posts.  

I am a lady when it comes to matters of personal integrity and would NEVER have mentioned it again.  In case when a few people tried to engage me about you yesterday I immediately went to your defense.  

I said I quote “Zuva has woman-ed up to what she did wrong to me and not only has she accepted responsibility and apologized but I am deeply touched by her honesty and her humility.  I continued to say that I no longer had any animosity towards you and I was now vouching for your come back and I was super excited to see who you become because you have turned over a new leaf” and I was wrong.  😞

I should have known better than to trust someone again with a track record of dishonesty.

What you did is like writing someone a love letter and then they find out you copy and pasted the same love letter to all the boys. 

Your apology M/s Habane is null and void.  

The PURPOSE of an apology letter and what makes it genuine is the THOUGHT and CONSIDERATION that goes into it.  That’s what makes it irresistible.  

An apology letter is not a tool of mass manipulation so that you can get people to forget your premeditated wrong doings and allow you to continue on a path to sure destruction.  

You obviously don’t CARE enough about ME as a person to take the TIME and SINCERITY to do that. 

The above mentioned assumptions are what make a real apology POWERFUL enough to alter the course of your mistakes.  

I; M/s Habane am a real bone fide lady and class act when I choose to be.  I cared enough about you as another woman and fellow media sister to take the time to write you this letter from the bottom of my heart. It took real genuine time, consideration and thought. That is because I value you as a human being. 

I refuse to let the disappointment of your fraudulent apology letter take something scared away from what I have learned in all of this.  

I have learned to always stand in my truths even if I have zero views. 

I have learned to be an honest, straightforward, kind, considerate human being because it pays to be good. 

I have learned to continue to work hard and never envy anyone because sometimes you admire people who are not good examples of anything that’s you want to be in life. 

I have learned that the truth always comes out in the end and that the most expansive thing that pride and a lie can cost one is their character.  

I have learned never to do a fake damage control press release or write a fake apology letter. It’s more damaging than silence. 

I’ve learned to stay away from dubious characters in business and love because they can damage one beyond repair and flush down years of hard work and good intentions. 

I have learned how to and how not to build a brand from you Ms Habane.  

Last but not least I vow to never let life jade me.  To never stop believing in the possibility of others to do right, better or to change. To always have the humility to accept another persons apology whether it’s genuine or not. 

I will say this.  Because you are a “socialite and an influencer” you in conjunction with many others working behind the scenes had the power to almost ruin my life.  

The effects where made worse by my then addiction to alcohol and I sank into a deep depression and all I could do was to lash out at the world and truly almost do permenant damage to myself and to my “brand”

However as always good always truimphants over evil M/s Habane.   I can only pray that all your actions in totality will begin to shed light on a lot of truths that were hidden and to revive a lot of people who faced unjust character assassination at your hands due to covet things you had done contrary to them.  

My forgiveness to you willingly, promptly, kindly and genuinely given still stands despite of you.  

This M/s Habane is not because you are clever and you managed to play me one more time but because I am blessed and I am finally free of all the hurt, bitterness and anger.  

I wish you all the best in life and this my darling is how you write a letter. 

Good paste and copy skills. 

Head bowed 


Black Money Brands.  



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staff reporter
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