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Zvandasangana Nazvo KuPH Pahushamwari Hwedu Nyaya Ya Mai TT Working In UK & Taxes

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08 Mar, 2020   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 3 minutes

Zvandasangana Nazvo KuPH Pahushamwari Hwedu Nyaya Ya Mai TT Working In UK & Taxes

While walking social media streets we came across a post on Pahushamwari Hwedu Facebook Group about Mai TT and her current stay in the UK'  wether it's jelous or what Please Zimbabwean lets love one another  read post below 

There's a difference between hate/jealous and just seeking what is right : Violet writes to UK  Home Office seeking clarification regarding foreign visas types vis a vis working : Case in point Felistas Murata mai titi.

Felistas (pictured) goes to the UK ( I dont know on which visa type ) and earns money.Just wondering which country she should be paying tax to ( Britain or Zimbabwe) ,  if she has to. 

 If the UK Home Office ignore my communication , I will seek clarification from their minister and the tax office. This is my right to know. Others can't be paying tax  while others seem not to be paying tax because they have no known pay slips.

No wonder Africa is a sewage and corrupt. Demanding what is right is called hate or jealous...stupid people.

 Everyone earning a certain annual amount through formal or informal employment should pay tax and this includes UK as well. As simple as that. There's no hate or jealous here. The UK even has an official way to formally report tax evaders...same with Zimbabwe. The UK is not Zimbabwe where you defend wrong ...stupid bootlickers.

Am not sure if Sabena is jealousy about Felistas or not . Thank you for sending their issue. My take 👇🏼

 Jealous or not reality is Felistas' income should be assessed for tax purposes in UK or Zimbabwe and I dont think this is happening. She is not the only informally employed whose income should be assessed. This is nothing about being jealous or hating. 

I aways wonder if it is only those in formal employment who should be paying tax and not the hit and runs such as Felistas Murata mai titi. Like many others she goes to the UK and she claims to get paid for appearances as in image. In countries like in the UK eg England/Britain if you earn a certain amount of income as an individual or company etc , the governments expects you to pay tax.

I'm honestly not sure about foreign nationals ' visas who go to the UK to earn an income....if they are expected to pay tax or not and if they are expected to pay tax , how they do it etc. Maybe they have to pay tax in their countries I dont know...but one thing I know for certain is everyone who is EARNING a certain amount of annual salary/profit formally or informally is expected to pay tax in the UK or away. 

Since I am not sure how this works in the UK as it also depends with the type of visa one has among other factors.....I have written to the UK Home  Office seeking clarification regarding Felistas Murata's UK visits earning cash and also bragging that she is making the money at work in UK. I'm not sure if she should be paying tax in Zimbabwe or the UK . She seems to be earning more than eg Zimbabwe teachers but teachers pay tax. There are more like her who should be investigated and assessed if they are paying tax wherever they should be paying the tax to. 

Am not sure if so called entertainers in Zimbabwe are still expected to pay their taxes and if they are paying . Does anyone know how I can contact our tax authorities in Zimbabwe to ask about informal employment and tax .Your help will be greatly appreciated.

 It's unjust for others to pay tax while others evade and are allowed to get away with it yet these people ( the paying and none paying ) are all earning £pounds .Meanwhile I will await a response from the UK Home Office . 

You can go on and curse me for demanding what is right. Fools dont bother me at all otherwise I would have stopped seeking answers and what is right long back.


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