29 Sep, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Zvimba Chiefs Ignore Mugabe Burial

TRADITIONAL Chiefs from Zvimba yesterday did not attend the burial of former Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe following clashes with his widow Grace, amid indications Mugabe wanted to be buried in a Christian way, a move that didn’t settle down well with traditional chiefs. 

Only two Chiefs, Chief Zvimba and Chief Mutare were present at the burial. President Mugabe’s surviving sibling emphasised on the Christian burial for her brother saying he was a Christian and was to be buried as such. 

Addressing mourners at the Mugabe family’s homestead yesterday, Mugabe’s surviving sibling Dr Regina Gata said her brother was a Christian and he deserved to be buried as such.

The burial was presided over by the Roman Catholic Church.

Said Dr Gata: “ As the only surviving sibling, allow me more time to speak. This man lying hear was a true Christian who said, I will live a Christian life and die a Christian.

“Let me first make sure that I express my gratitude to His Excellency President Mnangagwa because he listened to the children on their father’s wishes.

“He was on record saying we will follow the family’s decisions, so all these discords, should go where they deserve.”

Family spokesperson Mr Walter Chidhakwa urged chiefs from the Gushungo clan to remain united but not to interfere with family issues. He said this in reference to the feud between the family and the chiefs.

“As the Gushungo clan of Zvimba we are one,” he said.

“We have Beperere, Mutsedza and Chidziva amongst us. We should remain united, but when it comes to family issues, let us allow individual families to make their own decisions.”

A few days before the burial, the Chiefs had clashed with Grace Mugabe who proceeded to give them the marching orders from the Blue Roof home in Borrowdale Brookes as tension arose over the final burial place of the liberation war icon.


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