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03 Mar, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Zvinonyadzisa Top PowerFM DJ Chamvary Blasts Lorraine Guyo Over $20

Radio presenter and MC Chamvary attacked and humiliated Lorraine Guyo over a $20 balance yet a down payment of $130 was made to her.

This comes after Chamvary humiliated Lorraine on facebook demanding that she pays her for the services she rendered during her birthday as the Master of Ceremony.

Commenting on Chamvary’s post, Mandla Gumbo confirmed that the MC was paid $130 yesterday.

“You were given $130 after the gig and Lorraine told you she would give you the remaining $20 the next day.

You are just using Lorraine Guyo for fame, trying to make her look like a bad person” said Mandla


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