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September 03, 2019

Tytan Hosting A Huge Party In UK & Dominating The UK Music Market

Tytan of the "Ndokubata Bho" fame is making huge moves in the United Kingdom which has had a vacuum for a Zimbabwean bases artist to take over that market. Tytan has been performing almost every week in packed venues. The United Kingdom has plenty of DJ's but were missing an all rounded singer, perfomer & entertainer like Tytan. With no other Zimbabwean musicians with a celebrity status like Tytan he is braced to take over the UK  music industry. Zimbabwe lets show up this weekend and support Tytan.

August 03, 2018

Mandla's Lounge Arrives In Ireland

  Mandla's Lounge has officially arrived in Ireland, Baba Bonzo, Kefilwe Mkomera & Noster Richard posted a video at Mudiwa Coockie Lyons house, where they are relaxing and getting ready for the mother of all Party's on Saturday 4 August. With many people upset about the Presidential results in Zimbabwe, everyone in the UK & Ireland needs to make it to this show so they can unwind and have a great time. For more information on this show go the Mandla's Lounge Reloaded Page.  

August 02, 2018

Mandla's Lounge Invades Ireland

Mandla Calvin Gumbo aka Baba Bonzo has been the reigning King of Zimbabwean Social Media for the last year. Mandla and his team of beautiful and talented Mai Gumbo’s will be taking over Ireland the 4th & 5th of August 2018. If you are a member of Mandla's Lounge Reloaded, you are gaureenteed something especial each time. The Ireland show will feature Mandla Calvin Gumbo, Noster Richard, Kefilwe  Mkomera & Ketty Masomera. The beautiful Tallyn may make a surprise appearance as she is a fan favorite on the lounge . People will be talking about this weekend for months to come. To get more details about this event you can visit Mandla's Lounge Reloaded facebook page or go to any of the Mai Gumbo's facebook pages.

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